A new tasting room for Cairdeas Winery.  With the vision of the Lybeckers this beautiful new tasting room will include a lofted open trusses inspired by the farming vernacular of Eastern Washington barns.   Although it boasts dramatic volume the space balances the intimacy through smaller details that bring the charm of the location and wines together for a holistic experience that accentuates the Cairdeas wine tasting experience.  Giving Cairdeas and its visitors an appropriate backdrop htat equals the wine.


Design a new tasting room that  showcases the wine in a place that entrenches the visitor in a space that honors the wine and connects them with the land and place from which the wine is grown and with the careful dedication Cairdeas uses to craft their wines.


Create dramatic open space with delicate details that pairs the visitor with the wine and place.  Utilize vast glazing and operable large openings that visually and climatically connects the occupants with the environment and land that sustains the vines.

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